The Lament Of A Celtic Princess

Have you ever had this feeling that minor characters mean more to you than the heroes/heroines in the spotlight? I get it a lot. Minor characters are called that for a reason – unlike the main players, who boast wide range of personal qualities and emotions, they are usually there to represent only a couple of specific ones. Sometimes these ones are just what I am looking for at the moment. Such was the case with “Boudicca: The Warrior Queen”.

For those unfamiliar with this little jewel, it is the story of a famous Celtic queen, the leader of Iceni tribe. The plot is set around 60 BC, the time when Romans finally set their eye on the British Isles and their unruly inhabitants. Queen Boudicca was one of the many who rebelled against the Empire and one of the very few who succeeded to give them a hard time. Too bad that the history is written by the winners. We might never know the truth behind this movie. It is doubted whether this queen ever existed at all. Those who have red-blue-white British blood running through her veins or merely take interest in pre-Ancient history might be wondering why I placed this under “History Guru” rather than “Myth Cache”. The truth is… I adore this crazy queen too much to write her off as a myth, that’s what it is. My entire knowledge of Boudicca consists of a few Wikipedia articles and this magnificent movie, but this blog is dedicated for fiction, not facts, and one needs no facts to feel the impact of a touching story.

At the moment, however, it is not the queen and her struggle for freedom I’ll be looking into, but one of her daughters, Isolda.

Even when acting a minor role, her charm and talent is impossible to hide. Yes, this is Emily Blunt and, gods, she can sing. Sweet, yet unpolished quality of her voice makes the song even more touching. I would give my right hand to hear the full version. As you might have guessed, it is a love ballad. A piece of it, at least. It was her knight in shining armour she honouring with this lament.

Here’s a full movie on YouTube. If you internet connection is fast enough, go to to the part 19:00 to 21:00

Just think about it: a Celtic princess, the daughter of a headstrong, rebellous warrior queen, yet sharing little of her mother’s zeal for fighting, but most of all – a young teenage girl (even though the word “teenager” sounds so out of place here…) who fell in love for the first time in her life. Remember your own first love? We all used to believe that it would never happen again.

Your own story might have had a happy ending. For all I know, you might be married to your first loved one. Sadly, it was not the case for Isolda.

Young common Roman soldier and a Celtic princess. Star-crossed lovers. Forbidden love-kind of story, just like Romeo and Juliet. Now that I mention it, there’s another analogy – at the end, the grief-stricken man chooses death by his own hand (sorry for the spoiler). Dunno how about you, but I always fancies love stories that end in this way. Were they to be together, the beauty of romance would die. Now it will remain pure, just as we’d seen it.

o – o – o

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