ABOUT ME (Attention-Whore Corner)

Dark, gloomy and melancholic. Set in a bleak, grey winter eve. Mercilessly cold snow falls on your shoulders, as you stand in the courtyard, longing for something you cannot give a name to, with but sheer feeling of loss. “Sirius” is a name of the star.

o – o – o

Harsh, tigrish rhymes of the winds
Gnawing at the ravens throne
The birds had fled from frosty hearth
The moors delight in your embrace

You came in greatest our of dark
Appeared in mealstrom of white snow
Grey waters of the wishing well
I’ll grieve untill the end of you

In molten black void I would stare
To seek the shining sphere of blue
The smile I worshiped is still there
So rueful yet insouciant

I’ve no more tears to clear the ice
Expose the portrait I once loved
Oblivion came in mere sleep form
I’ll grieve until the end of you

o – o – o

(picture by ApoXile from Deviantart.com) 

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